The story behind the name of 'Megan' our popular lip shade - an interview with Megan Champlain

Aubrey Cosmetics is deeply rooted in healthy, high quality, and cruelty-free makeup. One of the biggest pillars of Aubrey Cosmetics is Ethos, giving back to our community and strengthening the women who wear our product. All product names are based upon the personal narrative of a woman with a past and a bright future. Let’s talk to Megan Champlain, the inspiration for the ‘Megan’ liquid lipstick shade. 

Q- Megan, you’ve been through a lot this past year since your lipstick shade was released last spring. Can you tell us a little bit about your 2019?


A: 2019 was a crazy year. I started 2019 off strong working 3 jobs at once and saving up to accomplish a life goal of mine. This goal was to move on my own across the country which I accomplished by may. I started a new journey in Las Vegas, new jobs, new house, and new friends. In August 2019 I ended up really sick for about two weeks with migraines and fatigue. Just one month later, on September 10th I had a stroke at 21 years old. I had left sided weakness- no control of my left leg or arm. I had to move away from Las Vegas, and also leave my new job & friends and move somewhere I had never lived before. I went from completely independent and successful to needing help with EVERYTHING. Thankfully I am on the road to recovery and I am progressing everyday in physical and occupational therapy, and planning on moving back to Vegas in just one month.


Q- What kind of women do you envision wearing your lip shade? And where? Dinner, a business meeting? A coffee date? 


A: I can imagine seeing somebody strong and confident rocking this color. For me, its more for a nighttime look like dinner and drinks!


Q- How does makeup help you feel more confident/in control of situations? Do you have any cosmo experience yourself?


A- Wearing makeup does make me feel more confident and like myself. The overall look of my face has changed due to my stroke, so wearing makeup helps me feel more like my original self. I strongly believe in "look good, feel good." I am a licensed cosmetologist in Rhode Island so i do hope to make a full recovery to be able to continue my passion and help others look and feel their best.


Q: Do you have a favorite quote?


A  I would say my favorite quote is not a regular one "you got this." This would be what i would choose for a favorite quote as I often find myself reminding myself this. Not only does it inspire me but I always try to cheer others on and this is how I like to let others know I believe in them.


Q: What are you most excited about moving forward. And where do you see yourself in 2020-2021? 


A: Im most excited about being lucky enough to be alive and get the opportunity to see new places, meet new people and grow with my friends and family. In 2020-2021 I can see my life going in many directions but I am just gonna take it day by day as I feel lucky and excited for every new day


Q: Is there any other additional info or advice you would like to leave us with? 


A-  Small goals are still goals. Nothing feels better than accomplishing your dreams.