HD Setting/Baking Powder

HD Setting/Baking Powder


This loose setting powder is what makes the BIG difference between an average and a professional makeup look. Setting powder is the only way to obtain a flawless, carved contour look. With a banana peel cast to color-correct and specialized formula to prevent ‘flashback’ you will be photo-ready at ALL times.

Flashback: The pesky unblended, bright appearance that reflects the flash of your camera when you take a photo (because of a common mineral that is the base of most setting powders)- many setting powders tend to do this, but we made sure ours is ALWAYS matte and always flattering!

How to use: gather some of the loose powder in the sifted reservoir and apply to under-eye area, and any other area that may crease or show wrinkles throughout the day (jowl, jawline, between browns). Apply with a dampened makeup sponge or a face powder brush.

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